Timmy Brabston
No Time to be Average

He’s not in this to be average, Timmy Brabston is making music that takes risks and blows minds. And he’s bringing tracks with the kind of firepower that will lyrically infuse your headphones. As a young rapper who’s new to the game, Timmy is not afraid to step up to the stereotypes and stomp out any doubts that he can spit with the best of them.

Wearing a clean-cut charm, Timmy steps out of the mold with a hip-hop style all his own. He proved his prowess in his debut single, “Only Thing Poppin’,” featuring Chinx, which played on over 10 radio stations across the country in 2015.

“It took me to a whole other world,” Timmy said of being introduced to hip hop through the Marshall Mathers LP at a young age. He has been inspired by many other artists like J Cole, Drake and John Bellion. “I love all kinds of rap, and, as an artist myself, I try to incorporate a lot of different styles.”

Penning his own rhymes since the age of 10, Timmy set out to expose his emotions and draw his listeners into his original take on the genre. His lyrics are thoughtful and creative, and his focus on raising his bar is what propels him.  Timmy began recording at 14 and has since released three mixtapes, a single called “On It,” and two EPs - his first debut entitled Timmy Brabston, and his most recent EP entitled Watch Me Now.  

“I definitely want to make an impact. I want to appeal to all people. I want to be radio friendly, club friendly and appeal to bigger audiences,” said the California born, New Jersey-raised rapper.

His tracks are indicative of that desire; he’s serving up deep, passionate tracks, “mixed feelings and a whole lot of party hits.” “I always try to express what I’m feeling…sometimes I feel like a completely different person when I’m rapping.”

For a kid growing up listening to hip hop music on the radio, he found that putting pen to paper to express his feelings was the perfect outlet for his creative side.

“I started writing raps just to express myself,” Timmy shared. “As I got more serious about it, I decided to take it to the next level. I want to put out music to show people who I am. What inspires me is that I want to inspire people. The love of music is my main motivation.”

Timmy B is taking his studio time seriously and making sure his tracks beat fan expectations.

“The beat speaks to me and when I hear it, I know exactly what to write,” he said, adding that he wants to be that artist that fans are going to want to stick with. “I hope they’ll always anticipate my music. The most important thing to me is staying true to who I am.”

Working with Four Kings Productions in New York City, he continues to bring his point of view to the masses. Timmy has performed in over 25 shows and is currently showcasing his unique style and energy as the opening act for Grammy-award winner, Chrisette Michele on The Milestone Tour.  He has also performed in Malmo, Sweden, at NYC venues such as SOBs, the Bitter End & DROM, and NY area teen summer camps where his shows are always met with cheering fans.

Entering his senior year in HS, he is only getting started. “This is just the beginning and I’m here to stay” he assures. “I’m not slowing down. It’s gonna get better and better from here.”

So, without further adieu, Timmy Brabston is coming to a microphone near you!  He’s ready to rip the stage and claim his place in the ever-evolving, multifaceted world of hip hop.